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  3. [FPT Software Đà Nẵng] Tuyển Comtor Tiếng Nhật

[FPT Software Đà Nẵng] Tuyển Comtor Tiếng Nhật

500 〜 700 USD

  • FPT Software Đà Nẵng
  • Location: Da Nang
  • Japanese level:Fluent │Required length of experience:1 year to less than 3 years
  • Permanent
  • 1 year to less than 3 years
  • Close

Job summary

Job category Professional (Consulting / Finance / Real Estate / Professional Services)/Consulting
Industry IT / Communications / Internet/ General / IT Services
Employment type Permanent
Position level Depends on ability / experience
Number of openings 2
Desired entry time -
Required language skill

Japanese (Fluent)

Foreign language competence -
Working hours Full Time
Welfares / Leave systems - Mức lương cạnh tranh, có thể thỏa thuận.
- Cơ hội làm việc với các khách hàng lớn trên thế giới, công nghệ tiên tiến, phát triển bản thân…
- Môi trường làm việc cởi mở, dân chủ, đặc trưng văn hóa FPT
- Chế độ chăm sóc sức khỏe đặc biệt dành cho nhân viên và người thân (FPTcare)
- Và rất nhiều quyền lợi hấp dẫn khác …

Work details


- Dịch tài liệu dự án

- Dịch meeting và mail với khách hàng

- Take care khi có đoàn khách sang thăm

- Làm các công việc theo yêu cầu của dự án


- Trình độ tiếng Nhật N2 up hoặc N1

- Khả năng giao tiếp tiếng Nhật tốt

- Có Kinh nghiệm biên phiên dịch 

- Ưu tiên ứng viên đã từng học và làm việc ở Nhật

About interview


VietnamDa NangTòa Nhà FPT, khu công nghiệp An Đồn, quận Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng Map

Name of person in charge of hiring:Hoa Nguyen

[FPT Software Đà Nẵng] Tuyển Comtor Tiếng Nhật

FPT Software Đà Nẵng

500 〜 700 USD


Company overview

FPT Software Đà Nẵng[FPT Software Đà Nẵng] Tuyển Comtor Tiếng Nhật FPT Software Đà Nẵng[FPT Software Đà Nẵng] Tuyển Comtor Tiếng Nhật

FPT Software Đà Nẵng

IT / Communications / Internet /General / IT Services
Other /Other
Human Resources / Education / Consulting / Professional Services /Outsourcing Company / BPO Company

After overcoming the difficult early years of software exports, FSO confidently attempted to open more branches to tap the country’s IT resources. The idea to open a branch in the Central came quite early, but Danang for the FPT remains a mystery. Compared with a branch in HCM opened early 2004, FSO was present and worked in HCM from much earlier and FPT themselves in HCM also available from the ’90s, yet Danang was still unexplored. In August, 2004, Mr. CanhBT joined FPT to open a branch in Danang and put their resolve to build the basis of FSO here.

Responsibility in preparation for opening in Da Nang was delivered to him. It was hard to convince people – from staffs to suppliers, customers – to believe in the future and willing to progress, tell just one small story. The number is one of the leaders of the FSO – Mr. Hung – also expressed doubts about the success in Danang. He told Mr. Canh – “People do not export software in the Central“. Fortunately, Mr. Canh debated with expert reasoning: Canh himself was from the Central. “Seems unbelievable, but it really is the mentality of many people at that time, I myself when exposed to a leader of Danang in 2006 also encountered similar situations.” This leader, upon knowing we make software has hesitated a moment, then asked, “Do you really see people make software in Danang?“. I was very surprised and asked to clarify, she explained: “The previous few software companies here as well as our program, but we could not use the program.”

Company profile


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